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Re: Shop drawings: who's responsibility?

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"Sprague, Harold O." wrote:

  I rode the stage up the entire 22 floors of one section.  I removed 10 samples
for testing.  All 10 failed to meet specification.  The foreman concurred that 10
of the 10 samples did not meet specification and acknowledged that it was indicative
of the entire south elevation.  I asked the foreman what other engineers did regarding
inspection of this type of work.  He told me in 20 years of doing masonry
rehabilitation, I was the first engineer to ride the stage above the second
floor.  . . .

Harold Sprague

"So a poor engineer struts his hour upon the second floor of the stage and then is heard no more?"

What was the specification they were required to meet?  Makes one wonder really how much of actual construction meets the "specifications."  Pre-Northridge welding, in many cases, did not follow the WPSs.  I believe that just following the D1.1 Welding Code doubled the cost of "the way we always do it."

At one time I inspected final construction of fish hatchery facilities for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  In my report I would always have a list of items that did not meet/follow the plans and specifications.  No one ever did anything about these, to my knowledge.  Who knows, maybe that's why we're out of Salmon now!

James Bela

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