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Re: The roof is still up there

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I was called to an industrial client about 20 years ago to add more load
to some steel roof trusses. When I was up on a ladder, field measuring
the trusses, I noticed that a truss chord had a bow in it. A closer look
revealed that one end of several trusses had rusted  completely thru at
the masonry bearing wall. They had dropped down a few inches and were
sitting on a runway beam. Fortunately, the runway beam was independently
supported, however there was no truss panel point at the runway beam and
the bottom chord was badly rusted.

Since there was a machine below this roof that was making lotsa money,
we had an intense discussion about how soon they needed to get shoring
in the building and who was responsible if something let loose in the

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.