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PT SOG on expansive soil

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You have to design a post-tensioned slab-on-grade on expansive soils like a 
ship is designed; for a "hogging" condition (supported in the middle, 
unsupported at the perimeter) and a "sagging" condition (supported at the 
perimeter, unsupported in the middle).  It sounds like you designed for the 
first condition; now you have to design for the second condition.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Marlou Rodriguez wrote:

I am designing a Post Tensioned Slab On Grade for the first time.  As an 
example I am following the manual writen by PTI entitled "Design and 
construction of Post-Tensioned Slabs-On-Ground".  The example and the manual 
does a great job in explaining how to design a PT s.o.g. with perimiter 
loaded slabs.  The mention very little about interior loads from columns and 
from interior bearing walls.

My question to the PT SOG experts are, how do I handle the interior loads on 
my Slab on Grade?  I have currently split up my slab into rectangular 
sections, but there are some areas I have interior columns and intrior 
bearing walls.

thanks for any advice on this matter.