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Visual Analysis User's Group

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Brian K. Smith:

I visited the IES site yesterday and found no link to what I'd call a user's
group.  If someone knows how to access the group, please let us all know how
to get there from here.

What I am proposing is a small group of engineers, maybe 15-20, willing to
help each other when the IES software yields unexpected results or seems to
misbehave.  It might develop that one would form exclusive relationships
within the group in lieu of broadcasting to the entire membership.  My
thinking is that broadcasting has merit in that some will be hesitant to
submit, but will derive benefit from the forum.  Right now, the plan is for
me to collect email addresses for a week or two, then send the list out to
everyone.  If someone has a better plan . . . .

Anyone interested may send me a private email.

John P. Riley
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa
I believe VA has already started a user/discussion group.
Brian K. Smith