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RE: H-Piles Cap Plates

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Title: RE: H-Piles Cap Plates

A 40 page bulletin published by AISI in August 1982, called "The Steel Pile Pile Cap Connection", and prepared by GAI Consultants, Monroeville, PA ( ?), reported on a series of test addressing this issue.  They reported that "... cap plates are not required provided that proper consideration is given to details of the pile cap design such as providing sufficient embedment, edge distance and reinforcement. ...".

Ed Marshall, PE

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Subject:        H-Piles Cap Plates

I was wondering what the concensus is on the use of pile cap plates (or
cover plates) to the transfer of the load in the pile cap to the steel
H-piles.  I always use pile cap plates to transfer the loads because the
stress in the piles (9 ksi or higher) is usually much greater than the
bearing strength of the concrete.  Lately, I have had several piling
contractors ask why I specify the use of cap plates.  I am not adverse to
changing my ways, but first I would like to find some "good" articles on the
subject.  The CRSI manual touches lightly on the lack of cap plates
("increase pile embedment to 6 inches to avoid use of cover plates"), and I
assume the "prevent vertical edge splitting" clause is a phenomena
associated with lack of cover plates due to the high bearing stresse in the
concrete over the exterior flange of the outer piles.  Does anyone know
where I might find some "good" articles which will shed some light on this


Harry Olive, P.Eng., P.E.
Neill and Gunter