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Re: Shop drawing review stamp

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But what do you mean when you say this?  Do you mean that you are approving 
it?  How does the fabricator understand this?  Does he think that you are 
approving the shop drawings, or is he going to claim that that is what he 
understood?  If you say something say it in words that cannot be 

Insurers at one time recommended that project files be destroyed upon 
completion of a project.  Now they (at least CNA) recommends that you keep 
everything.  The act of destroying everything sends a bad message to a jury 
and even if you did everything perfectly, you can't prove it and the fact 
that you destroyed everything implies that you are hiding something.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Thor Tandy wrote:

>>We have been cautioned by our insurances in Canada to avoid the use of
"approved".  Better to use "reviewed as noted" or "reviewed (for general
conformance with the construction specifications)" ... etc.  By doing that it
has been suggested that although we confirm that we have done our duty of care
we do not guarantee that the shop drawings are free from exposure to
liability.  We also often have in our review statements clause(s) emphasizing
that the responsibility for fabrication,relevant and any associated design,
still lies with the user of the drawings.<<