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Re: Bearing on Exist. Clay Tile Wall?

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Clay tile wall construction is highly variable in my area (So. CA).   There
were a lot of styles or shapes, and manufacturers in the 'teen's and '20's:
cross-sections of rectangular, tee and ell-shapes, for example; structural
and non-structural quality.  And construction techniques varied too: cells
horizontal; cells vertical; cell orientations mixed; bedjoints matching cell
wall thicknesses regardless of cell orientation; rarely, full bed joints.

If you are to add concentrated loads to the walls, you need to understand
the wall well enough to define the load path to the ground.  I'm reluctant
to add new gravity load to existing clay tile walls.

How about cutting a vertical slot into the wall and casting a reinforced
concrete column into the wall under the new load, onto the foundation?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer