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RE: Shop drawing review stamp

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The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee suggests a form for the
shop drawing stamp in their commentary on Agreements, EJCDC 1910-9 (my
version is out of date, but you can probably find a current one in their
latest package of contract forms). As important as the stamp is inclusion in
your contract documents (with the Owner and in the Construction Contract) of
language that specifically describes what the review means. It may not keep
you out of court, but it may save your bacon when you get there. Check out
the following link.

These are good forms, but unfortunately we don't get to use them much
because many of our clients insist on using their own, which aren't always
the greatest. If your clients' attorneys are open to using them, even if
they insist on adding a few special requirements, they are clean, well
integrated, and will save you a lot of grief.

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Subject: Shop drawing review stamp

I recently switched jobs and am trying to bring the
new company up to speed in a number of areas -
including limiting liability exposure.  I am about to
order a shop drawing review stamp but would like to
know whether there is some "standard" wording out
there.  I thought our liability insurance company
would have some suggestions but they did not.  Anyone
willing to share their shop drawing stamp wording,
please e-mail me or fax to:
Ken Peoples
Lehigh Valley Technical Associates
Northampton, PA
Fax: 610-262-8188
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