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RE: Bearing on Exist. Clay Tile Wall?

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Clay tile is usually very brittle, you can barely tap on it and it
breaks.  I try not to bear anything on existing tile.  If you use grout,
you must first break out the webs in the middle of the tile because it
was usually laid in an alternating pattern(the cells are vertical in one
course, then horizontal in the next coarse).  I have personally required
that the tile be replaced to the foundation, with masonry or concrete or
steel.  One caution is to make sure you know what is existing.  Many
older buildings with clay tile have been modified a number of times.  It
sometimes gets difficult to follow loading to the ground.

Zach Goswick

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Subject: Bearing on Exist. Clay Tile Wall?

A customer wants a retrofit that includes bearing about 6 to 8 kips on a
12" clay tile masonry bearing wall.  In addition, the steel beam can't
penetrate the exterior face of the wall.  

I have seen cases where point loads were carried on the inside face of
CMU walls, I wasn't sure if that was a good we're dealing
with older clay tile...  But the loads are relatively small and we're
not in a seismic area.

We have thought about core filling (3) courses below, by 24" wide and
using a wide bearing plate.  The concern is whether or not the grout
will distribute the load into the wall to prevent crushing, cracking,
and eccentricity.  Has anyone had experience with this kind of detail?  

Thanks in advance.

Ed Fasula, EIT