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RE: Double joist nailing pattern

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My contractor brother-in-law and I had this discussion last weekend while
replacing a termite eaten double 2x8 under a bearing wall in my ongoing
bathroom renovation.  I nailed two new 2x8's together w/ (2) 12d nails at
~16" o.c. from ea. side of the assembly.  He said I was crazy and that you
just needed to provide enough nails so that the assembly holds together
while you install it.  For this application, I can see his point (I just
liked using his graphite handled hammer.)

On the other hand, I'll soon be reinforcing another beam under my living
room floor that has  also become termite food.  For this one, I plan on
placing a new 2x10 or 2x12 either side of the existing beam and thru bolting


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Subject: Double joist nailing pattern

Can anyone suggest how to effectively join two 2x12 timber beams using
common nails? This seems to be a common construction practice, but the
nailing I have observed seems less than adequate to effect a real
connection. It also appears to be a particularly ineffective approach when
adding a beam to share load as part of a repair.

James Cohen