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RE: WM.Colors.AK Virus possibly received

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This is from the Symantec (Norton AV) website:
 Detected as:                             
            WM.Colors Family, Rainbow     
 Area of Infection:                       
 This macro virus maintains a counter in  
 INI file. After a certain number of      
 accesses, it modifies WIN.INI to change  
 the Windows desktop color settings. It   
 is known to snatch AutoOpen and various  
 FILE macros.                             

If your security settings in Outlook are not set to "high" it will
automatically run any script (macro) attached to your email.  The script is
invisible when you read the message - but its there.  If you set the
security to high it should ask you before running any scripts.  I don't use
Outlook, but I believe Microsoft has a fix available on its website.