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Charles Greenlaw's Comments on FEMA 310 vs FEMA 178 (Is FEMA 310 Prestandard ...

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<HTML><FONT  SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>Attached please find Charles Greenlaw's excellent March 9, 2000, email reply to my March 8, 2000, email message on the Subject: FEMA 310 vs FEMA 178. (Is FEMA 310 Prestandard ready for Prime Time?).  I am reposting his important message because you might have missed it if you use AOL as your ISP because the "Subject" and "From" lines might have been received by you as being blank or unknown sender, hence you might not have recognized his important reply.<BR>
Also, I am reposting his email message first and separately because his March 9, 2000, email message and my March 12, 2000, supporting reply email message were too long to be sent over the SEAOSC List Service.  I will resend my email reply as a separate message after I have sent the attached Charles Greenlaw's email message.<BR>
Frank E. McClure   March 15, 2000</HTML>