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vertical control joints in long CIP concrete shear walls

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PCA's "Building Movement and Joints" recommends cutting every 
other horizontal bar at vertical control joints in above-grade, 
exterior, cast-in-place concrete building walls, to help induce 
cracking at the joints.

In addition to crack-control considerations, other issues include 
code minimum required reinforcement at the joints, vertical shear 
transfer across the joints, and wall segment stiffnesses (for center-
of-rigidity analyses).

Assuming long (100' or more) cast-in-place building walls are (or 
were) being designed by members of this listserve...  I'm interested 
in whether cutting every other bar is (or was) standard practice, or 
whether it is (or was) more common to terminate all bars except 
chords and collectors.

Thank you,

D a v e E v a n s
T N H,  I n c.