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Re: Seismic Zone

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"Sprague, Harold O." wrote:

>From the USGS web site:
The input zip-code is 13202.
LOCATION        43.0447 Lat.    -76.1512 Long.
NEAREST GRID POINT 43.0 Lat. -76.2 Long.
Probabilistic ground motion values, in %g, at this point are:

        10%PE in 50 yr  5%PE in 50 yr   2%PE in 50 yr
PGA     3.128191        4.878041        8.638732
0.2 sec SA      7.737466        11.779650       19.111610
0.3 sec SA      6.648056        10.165940       16.965389
1.0 sec SA      2.793040        4.401655        7.734525

Harold Sprague

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Be sure not to confuse the 5 digit zip code with the six decimal places in the PGA or the Spectral Ordinate.  Only a seismologist would print numbers like these.  The earthquake problem is a lot like the 22 story building that Harold Sprague inspected: after the first two floors, be careful!

James Bela

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