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Re: Charles Greenlaw's Comments on FEMA 310 vs. FEMA 178 (Is FEMA 310Prestandard ...

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                                        And call the noblest to the audience."

                                                                                                   -- Hamlet
                                                                                                       CHAP. 5, DIV. II
                                                                                                        Sec. 387-388

SEConsultant wrote:

I only received the cover letter indicating what was attached - no
attachment. Please resend this to me.

Also, have you seen the article on FEMA 273 which just appeared in the new
Structural Engineer Magazine by the publisher of CE News? I have not read
that article but thought you might find it of interest. If you have not seen
the article let me know and I'll try and scan it and email it to you in PDF


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