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RE: OHBDC-nail laminated wood deck

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Clause 5.3.6 "Distribution of Wheel Loads on Wood Decks" of CAN/CSA-S6-88
reads as follows:  Wheel Loads

Wheel loads to be applied in the design of wood decks and transverse deck
supports located less than 2000 mm apart shell be based on two axle loads of
0.2 W each, spaced 1250 mm apart.  Each wheel load shall be distributed as

(a)   Transverse Decking

(i)   in the direction of the span of deck:  600 mm;
(ii)  normal to the direction of the span of deck:
      plank deck:  width of plank;
      laminated deck:  400 mm

(b)  Longitudinal Decking

(i)   in the direction of span of deck:  250 mm
(ii)  normal to the direction of span of deck:
      plank deck:  one width of plank per tire;
      laminated deck:  600 mm plus deck thickness

The CSA design truck has 4 axles spaced at 4m - 6m - 6m with the
corresponding axle loads 0.1W - 0.3W - 0.3W - 0.3W where W is the total load
of the design truck in kN.

Hope this is of some help.


Harry Olive, P.Eng. P.E.
Neill and Gunter

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> Subject:	OHBDC-nail laminated wood deck
> Does anyone know the width used for the design of nail laminated wood deck
> when spreading out the load of a wheel. If not in OHBDC then what about
> AASHTO? Clause 3- in OHBDC refers to stress-laminated wood decking.
> However, I am dealing with nail laminated wood decking? I do not think
> this
> is the same thing? Width noted there as Dt=0.3+0.4S (in metres) In the
> 1983
> code width was shown as 0.4m (16"). Why the change in this value? and
> should the 16" value be used?
> David Handy, P.Eng
> Ontario, Canada