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Re: Expert witness fees

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Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 5:42 PM
Subject: Expert witness fees

> It depends what type of arrangement you have with your client.  Some
clients want only to be charged for actual time testifying.  If you are
trailing and have to sit outside the courtroom for a day and a half before
giving your one-hour of testimony, you may have to take that into account.
Attorney's get 250 to 500+ dollars an hour.  In many cases they are
dependent upon your testimony to make their case (figuratively speaking).
It only seems fair that since you are a vital part of the trial, or
discovery process, you should be compensated as well as the attorney.

L. Thomas Bayne
> I am interested in what the going rate for structural engineer expert
> witness services.  I don't want to charge too little so as to hurt
> feelings or appear not to be an expert. Any suggestions?