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RE: Quality Control Manual

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This can be a very interesting and far reaching topic.  The development of a
QA manual should start with what specific activities you are involved with,
and what elements of those activities should have QA.  When in the course of
the project are various QA checks required?  Are we talking about just
design activities, drawings, and specs. or do you need to do inspections in
which you should also get into OSHA training?

We have QA manuals tailored for every major business unit.  The nuclear QA
manual is different than the special projects.

Having the right people to do the various checking activities is vital.  You
don't just want the guy who happens to be available.  The checker has to be

I would suggest the following chapters:
	Quality Assurance Policy - Definitions, Where Applicable,
Requirements, Standards, Mile Stones 
	QA Management - for the program and for the individual project
	QA Procedures
	Corrective Action
	QA Reporting - How do you find a pervasive problem or particularly
good practices?
	QA Control - How is the plan maintained?  How are pervasive problems
corrected and good practices made into 	policy?

When it goes to construction more definition is required.  Some of the
peripheral issues require definition of responsibilities and duties of the
special inspector and the relationship of the special inspector to the EOR.
A clear definition of duties, reporting, and resolution of discrepancies is

A good parallel effort is the definition of standards.  What is the
acceptable format of the calculations, specifications, and drawings.

I hope that this helps.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Quality Control Manual
> Here at our firm we are in the process of putting together a "Quality
> Control" manual for use in our day to day plans production efforts. We are
> doing primarily transportation work now (esp. bridges, culverts, retaining
> walls etc.), but we are working to grow our efforts in other areas as
> well.
> I would be interested in a discussion (and, serendipity, some examples) of
> what should be included in such a manual.
> It has come to my attention based on earlier efforts, that sometimes
> "Quality Control" (the "checking", etc.) is not enough; you must have
> "Quality Assurance" ("Checking the checking"). The "QA" part when it is
> missing can lead to difficulties when the project goes to construction.
> What
> are the ideas of some of you in this regard?
> Thanks.