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RE: beam splice - full pen weld requirements

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		Subject:	beam splice - full pen weld requirements

		We have a job where we need W36X260 beams that are
		longer than are readily available. 

		Consider transportation of beams longer than 40ft.
Depending on the State(s)  and route traveled,  the cost and delivery time
of the beams may be affected.

		The fabricator wants to buy pieces and put them together
with full  penetration welds.  If I get the welds tested, is there anything
else to worry about? 

		Will the beams be subjected to fatigue loading?    What
environment will the beams be in?....  - 40 to + 120?    The answers to
these will determine the extent and detail of testing.    Your testing may
involve ultrasonics and "X-ray" of not only the beam welds but "sharpy bend
tests" to qualify the material and the welder.

		I know that it is better to have a certified welder, but if
I plan on testing the welds, is this required or just a good idea to make up
for any shortcomings in the testing?

		The purchase order to your fabricator should specify the
inspection criteria.... AWS D1.1.... ASME Sec VIII... etc. and the
qualification of the welder.... 1G, 3G, or 6GR.
		Why would you consider allowing a "non-certified" welder to
perform work on your project?    Even if the hourly pay difference was
$5/hr, the end result depends on welds that are done once with no repairs. 

Peter De Vere
JSC, Houston, Texas
Bldg. 13 room 2002