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RE: Statute of Limitations

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Part of the 'documents' that I am keeping are 5 1/2", 160k diskettes written
by programs that are just as old.  I don't even know if I could access them
if I wanted to.  I did keep one of those old drives from a previous computer
and have it installed on one of my newer computers.  I have tried to make an
effort to keep copies of old programs and old versions of programs but that
is easier said than done.  I even tried to copy them to Zip disks but gave
up because of the amount of time it was taking.  Electronic documents are
probably actually more worthless as they get older than the paper documents.

But even with the electronic documents, there is still a fair amount of
paper file that goes with it.  I'm not sure there is really a good answer
for all of this.

But thanks for the advice.

Jim Persing

Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

With a paperless office, you don't have the "space-saving" argument to use
that would otherwise justify eliminating paper. Electronic documents are
easier to maintain and store as a whole years work and more can be kept on
one Zip disk or a tape. Therefore, how can you justify eliminating
electronic paper trails?

Dennis S. Wish, PE