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RE: Statute of Limitations and "doctors"

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He's probably working nights up there and days here:o)  My dad needed to see
a surgeon when he was visiting a few years ago. He had an appointment with
two doctors - one was the doctor I mentioned in my previous post who is
actually an anesthesiologist, the other a surgeon. My wife knew the
reputation of both and convinced my dad to see a doctor she recommended
without telling him what she new of the two he was scheduled to see.
The second doctor - a surgeon - was known by the nickname "Nick" and his
real name was nothing close. The nickname (not a pun) was a description of
his ability to "Nick" the vital organs of his patients. Scary!!


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Are you sure that that doctor didn't more up here?

Neil Moore, S.E.
>.....worked with a doctor who had a habit of taking as
>many patients as he could cram into his schedule in one day so as to
>maximize his profit. This led to carelessness and ultimately one of his
>patients died as a result.....

Dennis Wish PE