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Satellite Dish

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Our company is planning to put an IT building, and they want to install
a satellite dish on top of the building. The dish would be 8 to 9 meters
in diameter, and preliminary informations are DL = 3.5 tons, while WL =
54 tons compression while the maximum tension is around 45 tons. We have
hired a consultant on this (not structural, but on communication) and
told us that on ground, this would require a concrete pad 22' X 22' X
1.5' in dimension. When we asked him if the pad is necessary if it will
be placed on top of the roof, he said yes, because the bolts that will
be used must be anchored to the concrete (with an additional pedestal),
and told us that, that is what they normally do.

For me, putting the pedestal on top of the roof could give us problem,
because we have to reinforce the building. What I'm thinking is that why
not put a cross-beam (steel) to support the satellite dish ? What kind
of bolts are used to support this dish? Are they weldable? If not, can't
I just place a concrete pedestal on top of the steel beams anchored by
reinforcements, and where the anchor bolts be installed instead of
putting the whole concrete pad?

Any suggestion/comment would be appreciated.