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Re: Statute of Limitations and more...............

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I have two true stories regarding frivolous lawsuits and statute of 

It seems to me, some attorneys encourage lawsuits. They know the suit is 
frivolous however the insurance company will most likely settle. Case in 
point, I know a mean old retired lady (and I'm saying it nice) who sued a 
Construction Company because she claimed the blasting which occurred near her 
home cracked her foundation. The blasting took place for part of one day for 
a residential foundation. The point is No one, Building Officials included, 
were allowed to enter her property to inspect the "alleged"damages. 
Depositions were taken, people's time and money were spent, and finally the 
construction Company's insurance company settled for 50K.  As you said, it 
gave the appearance that she was right and that she won the suit and the 
other party was negligent. Oh by the way, to this day No one Knows if the 
cracks in her foundation really do exist. 

Case two, my first employer who I had not spoken to or seen in some 15 years 
contacted me approximately two years ago. He was involved in a lawsuit 
(probably frivolous) and had discarded his files with respect to the project. 
He was calling to see if I had any recollection of the project. Just habit, I 
would keep copies of all documents and records I had worked on over the years 
so I provided him with the information he needed and it saved his butt. ( One 
advantage of leaving on good terms with a past employee).

Thoughts from the other side of the Country,

John G. PE
Garrison, NY