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Re: Satellite Dish

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James Cohen is correct concerning the criteria of the dish support design.  For the design loads, refer to the EIA/TIIA-222-F code, which is an acceptable standard of the 97 UBC (refer Section 1604). 

The applicable EIA/TIA section is Appendix B.  The client should provide you with the frequency of the dish (GHz) and knowing the diameter, you can determine the deflection requirements from Figure C3 in appendix C.

Another source of general information is the Andrew Catalog.  Mine is Catalog number 36, but there may be later editions.

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At 08:37 AM 03/19/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>There is, structurally, no reason not to use steel beams. However, be aware
>of stringent deflection criteria and fatigue issues. The dish manufacturer
>should be able to give you the forces for any wind direction which would be
>used to find the most critical load combinations. Maximum moment, uplift,
>shear and deflection may not all be coincident. I suggest analyzing the dish
>and supports for a minimum of 22.5 deg intervals, preferably 10 deg. The
>chart of wind loads vs. direction will give you an idea of how detailed the
>analysis should be. If the dish is at roof level, be aware of possible wind
>speed-up effects, which can be considerable. Whatever system is used, it is
>also likely that strengthening of, at least, the first level of columns will
>be required.
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>> Our company is planning to put an IT building, and they want to install
>> a satellite dish on top of the building...
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