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Re: AISC Certification

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I am in GA and under the Standard Building Code.  I have not had time to
research the Code as of yet but I plan to Monday.

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Subject: AISC Certification

> Mike,
> Under the UBC there are "approved fabricators," who can be approved by the
> jurisdiction or the jurisdiction accepts certification by a national or
> regional certification agency.  The only difference in requirements
> an "approved fabricator" and a fabricator that is not approved is that
> Special Inspection in the shop is not necessary for the "approved
> If you are working under the UBC, your client should be aware that shop
> special inspection would be necessary if the low bid includes the price
> a fabricator that is not approved by any agency.  If you are not working
> under the UBC or a code that has similar special inspection requirements,
> you should seriously consider requiring additional shop inspections.
> If the bidding instructions issued for the project contain the common
> requirement that the Owner has the right to waive any irregularities or
> requirements, then the Owner can permit the unapproved fabricator to bid.
> The decision has to be up to the Owner, but with your recommendations.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> Michael Zaitz wrote:
> >>I have a project where a steel fabricator who does not have AISC
> certification wants to bid on the job ( a 160,000 sq ft manufacturing
> facility).  Our specs typ have the clause that the fabricator be AISC
> certified.  Is there any hard reason to disqualify them or will this open
> up to litigation?  Based on my reading of the AISC certification it does
> guarantee a fabricator's expertise but at least it is a good start.  Is
> there any documentation I can make them submit before approving/ rejecting
> them (ie AWS certs etc.)?<<