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RE: Trivia - RKO Pictures

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I worked in Aerospace from 1980 until 1986. During this time, my co-workers
and I would try and bring in a new trivia question on a regular basis. The
RKO question stumped us and this went unanswered until the information
appeared on the Internet. When we were unable to find an answer, we used the
one tool that was effective 95% of the time - the Los Angeles City Library.
You could call in and a library assistant would research virtually any
question and give you an answer. The closest that we got to the initials RKO
was something like Radio Kirshimer Opera. On a fluke, I decided to search
the Internet this morning to see if I could confirm what I thought to be
correct for over 15 years.
Within a few minutes I found the link:

Radio Keith Orpheum
US film-production and distribution company, formed 1928 through mergers and
acquisitions. It was the most financially unstable of the major Hollywood
studios, despite the success of many of its films, including King Kong 1933
and the series of musicals starring US dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger
Rogers. In 1948, Howard Hughes bought the studio and accelerated its decline
by poor management. The company ceased production 1957.

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The Internet is one of the most powerful information tools we have - and
it's still in its infancy. I am amazed at the power to uncover the most
trivial information that, until now, seemed impossible to find. In 1985 I
called (yes, on company time) at least three of the top studios in Los
Angeles to ask about RKO and this is where I learned of Radio Kirshimer
Opera - which is now proven to be incorrect.

Congratulations to those who responded, but I have a feeling you found the
information the same way I did. I'm curious as to how many actually knew the
answer without searching?

Dennis Wish