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Re: AISC Certification

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    <<  Our specs typ have the clause that the fabricator be AISC certified. >>
  I am from the school that believes that a private entity should be able to qualify and cull their suppliers/subcontractors by any means they choose.  This same school does not believe this premise holds true in the public sector where taxpayer funds are being expended.  I personally hold that the requirement for such AISC "certification" may very well constitute some form of restraint of trade and, as such, be unlawfull.  This opinion was formed after lengthy research by our lawfirm.
I would think that bonding capacity, historical track record and plant physical capacity should be sufficient criteria without the addition of a superfluous, expensive and meaningless "certification" by some trade organization.  In the past our company has fabricated several high rise buildings in the 2,000 ton range without the blessings of any AISC "certification".  We have entered proposals for jobs with this inane requirement included and have not lost a single contract because of a lack of some "technical specifying" trade organization's "certification".  The day that I loose a public job because of this requirement will be the day that some specification writer will be hauled into court.
Jimmy  C.......(hisself)