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RE: Sloping Beam

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Also note that there will be significant crowd-induced lateral loads.  Refer
to Footnote 3 of UBC Table 16-B, which specifies lateral sway bracing loads
of 24 plf and 10 plf parallel and perpendicular to seat boards,

Best regards,
Rex Donahey
Composite Technologies Corporation

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I still remember my first structural boss showing me
that there is no thrust here by taking his scale and
taping strings or rubber bands on the ends of it and
hanging it - then its clear to see that the strings
hang vertically - so no thrust.
The importance of the level surface should not be
forgotten though.  I was on a project a number of
years ago where our part of a stadium project was to
design the foundations for a precast concrete
structure at Lehigh University's new football stadium.
 The precast columns were designed with sloping tops
and the mistake was not found out until they started
erecting them and the beams kept sliding.  We were
then asked to get involved to design steel brackets to
keep the beams from sliding.  I couldn't help but
wonder what would have happened if the beams did not
slide during erection.  The first wave at the first
game could have been quite a disaster.

--- "Larsen, Trevor" <tlarsen(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I am designing a sloped concrete riser for a
> gymnasium grand stand.  It
> spans 10'-0" and is dowled into masonry walls at
> each end.  Is there a
> horizontal thrust load that I should consider or is
> the load purely
> vertical?  The slope is approximately 26 degrees.
> Thanks
> Trevor Larsen
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