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Re: Wind Load on Buildings

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I was involved in some of the proposals concerning the rewrite of this
section for the 1982 UBC, and recall that we proposed the use of
"non-windward" walls for "leeward" walls, but it didn't fly.  My
understanding was that the prevailing point of view was that the issue was
meant to be addressed by considering as many different wind directions as
necessary to envelope all possible effects.  Wind loading of sidewalls
was/is considered to be provided for by application of leeward wall effects.

Mark D. Anderson

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Subject: Wind Load on Buildings

> ASCE 7 prescribes wind pressure on side walls, in addition to pressure on
> windward and leeward walls.  However, UBC does not prescribe pressure on
> walls. (Table 16-H). Any comments?  Thanks.
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