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Re: Prefabricated trusses using 4X4 members

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I assume that you are talking about press plate type prefab wood trusses.

Any truss manufacturer that I have spoken to recently, said it could be
done, but it makes their job difficult.

It is possible to use 4x members, but the truss manufacturer's do not like
it.  They prefer to use 2-2x.  The reasons I have heard are these:
1.  They would have to retool their jiggs for the connection of the press
2.  There is too much curvature and warping in the members to make it

A more legitimate issue, is the penetration of the press plate into the
truss to engage the entire cross section of the member.  This is harder to
achieve with press plates and 4x material.  Some manufacturer's will go to
a more traditional bolted connection.

With these issues in mind, if 4x trusses are demanded, they can make them.
It just takes more money and more convincing.  Hope this helps.

Bart Needham

MRodrig273(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Does anyone know if it is possible to use 4X4 members for prefabricated
> truss?  If it is possible, can someone direct me to a manufacturer.
> Thanks in Advance.
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