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Large eave overhang

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I am working on a wood framed project where the architect wants to have a
5'-0" eave overhang.  Roof is a 3:12 pitch.  The main roof framing members
are prefab wood trusses @ 2'-0" on center.  I was looking at using Doug-Fir
No. 2 lumber.  For a 2x6, using Cd=1.25 and Cf=1.3 I calculate an allowable
moment of 896 ft.-lbs.  My concern is with a roofer during construction, or
renovation.  The roofing material will be metal roofing.  Using this  design
moment the maximum weight of a roofer standing out at the edge of the eave
would be about 180 pounds.  I don't think this is enough capacity for a
roofer (please nobody take this personally).

I can fiddle with the Cd value to a higher number, since the duration of
Cd=1.25 is 7 days, but I don't gain a lot.

What has been the experience of others on the list?  Anybody design a 5'-0"
eave?  Anybody do it with a 2x6?  What should I specify as loading for the
truss manufacturer.  I need to stick frame some of the eave at various
locations.  Any recommendations for or against using a 2x6 and hoping the
roofer is not too heavy?