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re:2000 International Building Code with or without USGS/FEMA/BSSC Design CD-ROM

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I have the 1997 UBC 1st printing.
It was not freely updated to the 3rd printing.
As we all know my buildings might fall down
if I were to use the 1st printing.
 What a mess. what an expense.
Lets ask in addition to the CD, what the "2nd printing" will cost those
" first printing" buyers of the 2000 code.

When the 1997 code was adopted by the state of California, was it the 1st,
2nd or 3rd printing?
Does the adoption recognize that the 1st & 2nd printings are not not the
ICBO is printing the 3rd printing version as part of the Calif. State

David Merrick, SE