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RE: Slab Curl

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Slab curl is caused by uneven curing (top vs. bottom) of the slab.
Water evaporates from the top of the slab, and below the slab it has
nowhere to go.  This causes more shrinkage in the top of the slab, which
causes it to curl.  Proper curing and control joint placement will help
prevent curl.  In very large slabs, the placement sequence of the slab
(i.e., in strips or a checkerboard pattern) can also help.  Using
several inches of sand between the vapor barrier and the bottom of the
slab will also help, as this allow moisture to migrate out of the bottom
of the slab, but this is an expensive detail.

Hope this has helped.

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E.
Martin-Espenlaub Engineering

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Subject: Slab Curl

What are some causes and solutions for slab curl? The curl is occurring
slab on grade only.

Thank you.