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I have an issue regarding a 4-way flat slab.  I am working on a building
>that was built circa 1924.  The existing design drawings are incomplete but
>what I do have indicated an 11" thick conc. flat slab with both orthogonal
>and diagonal reinforcing.  The bays are 24'-10" X 24'-4" with 9'-0" X 9'-0"
>drop panels, 5'-6" dia. column capitals and 40" dia. columns.  The drawings
>indicate that the design live load for the floor is 250 psf but I have had
>trouble confirming this without making considerable analysis assumptions.
>Are you aware of any references that cover the 4-way flat slab system that

John T. Daley, P.E.
Project Structural Engineer
McClier Corporation
312-836-7710 (fax)