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Re: Engineers involved with UBC

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Charles Greenlaw wrote:

*  AISC 7?  Now we are in trouble!  The codes are getting so complex that now
*  it's even hard to keep the acronyms straight (or at least non-curled).

Why AISC 7 is different I do not know. Maybe AISC does not rely on seismic
code complexity as its basis for reputation and self-esteem, and makes up
for it with wind code complexity. A cynic might know, if you can find one.

Charles Greenlaw SE  Sacramento CA
  * If I found one, would that be a Wind Win situation?  What about the Snow Load Mutual Fun?

James Bela

Oregon Earthquake AwarenessTM        /      The Quake NorthwestTM
"We Have Nothing to Fear But Shear Itself"        /        "We're All Subducting In This Together"
           "Do not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness."  -- James Thurber


>I was involved in some of the proposals concerning the rewrite of this
>section for the 1982 UBC, and recall that we proposed the use of
>"non-windward" walls for "leeward" walls, but it didn't fly.  My
>understanding was that the prevailing point of view was that the issue was
>meant to be addressed by considering as many different wind directions as
>necessary to envelope all possible effects.  Wind loading of sidewalls
>was/is considered to be provided for by application of leeward wall effects.
>Mark D. Anderson
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