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Rebar in members resisting earthquake force

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I designed a R.C building in Zone 4, which building is dual structure
(moment resisting frame + shear wall) with reinforcement of ASTM A615
Grade 60.

According to 21.2.5 in ACI 318, there are two additional requirement for
reinforcement resisting earthquake-induced force, one of which is as
  '(b) actual ultimate tensile strength / actual tensile yield strength
> 1.25'

However, construction team at site have already finished concrete work
for foundation and part of column and shear wall by reinforcement with
the ratio = 1.17.

With this condition, how can I approach to check the acceptability of
the existing structure? Is the following approach reasonable?

- Since the ratio is related with inelastic rotation capacity, and
plastic hinge is not likely to occur at joints between foundation and
column, column and wall, so 'No Problem'.
- Since the ratio is also related with response modification factor (R),
check the existing structure with reduced R-value. If this is correct,
how to quantify it?

Any input from anybody would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Soojin Hur
HDEC, Korea
e-mail : sjhur(--nospam--at)