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Re: Concrete Joist Shear

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The foam boards I've seen on the highway construction here looks very
substantial. A product rep sent me some info and I'll spend friday digging
through the stacks of paper in my office looking for it.

With regards to trees. The landscape architect had given a weight of 8000# for
what was described as 60 inch boxes. I asked how he knew and he said the nursery
uses this number to order cranes and equipment to move them around. How much
soil in that box I asked. 75 cubic feet he said. Well at 113 pcf  that's more
than 8000# I said. Well he called the nursery and they finally said the trees
generally weigh 200# and the soil was whatever. All this reminded me to be very
careful when receiving information for design purposes and to use your own

Nels Roselund wrote:

> Barry,
> Don't expect light weight planter soil to remain light weight indefinitely.
> The foam or vermiculite pellets will eventually disintegrate or compact, the
> gardeners will add more soil to keep the roots covered, and the weight will
> begin to approach that of ordinary soil.  The trees, depending on their
> species, can get large and heavy.
> Nels Roselund
> Structural Engineer