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RE: 4 Way Flat Slab

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The city has floor load placards displayed on the floors and also in their
records department for a 250 psf live load.  That is what we are basing our
capacity on.  The drawings I do have indicate insufficient reinforcement in
the negative middle strip at the exterior bays when I run the ADOSS
analysis.  We did have core samples taken and the reinforcing steel strength
came back at 60+ ksi.  If I do use 60 ksi in my ADOSS analysis, everything
works, however, I am hesitant to use 60 ksi in my analysis since that steel
grade was not commercially used in the 20's.  I have tried searching for
texts by Hool(e) and Klein on but have come up empty.


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The only way of evaluating the load capacity without sufficient drawings
is by load test. I believe there must have been some load tests done in
Chicago to prove that these systems met the Code back in that era. Is it
possible that that a load test was conducted on this building? Does the
city have any records going back that far? What is the cost (and risk)
of conducting a new load test?

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