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Inverted Umbrella Concrete Roof Structure

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I have been asked to analyze an existing inverted umbrella concrete roof system built in 1968 near Memphis, TN.  The roof system is 100'-0 x 150'-0  and formed by 6 segments 50'-0 per side, each identical to the others, forming a 2 deep by 3 wide pattern.  At the interfaces between the cells, a keyed joint is present with #3 dowels.  The structure is supported by a 24" square RC column. 
The current building line is well inside the roof line - essentially 52'-0 x 102'-0.  The client would like to gut the current wall system and fully enclose a building at the roof edge. 
At this point, I have two primary concerns:  1.)  earthquake effects on this shape     and   2.)  determining the deflection expected at the perimeter of the roof system.
Any thoughts, guidance, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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