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RE: Pouring Long Walls

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I run 1/2 of the bars through as you mentioned.  If you let me know your fax
number, I will send you a copy of the detail I use.

Roger Davis
SDS Architects, Inc
205 N. Dewey Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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From:	Jim Kestner [mailto:jkestner(--nospam--at)]
Sent:	Wednesday, March 22, 2000 11:17 AM
Subject:	Pouring Long Walls

We have always limited the length of our wall pours to 60 feet to
minimize shrinkage cracking. Is there any way a contractor can pour say
120 feet by adding additional joints, say at 30 feet, since they would
be only partially effective in reducing shrinkage? I do not want to add
extra longitundinal steel to control shrinkage.

What would that joint detail look like? Should only 1/2 the bars run
thru those intermediate joints? Should a metal keyway be used at these
intermediate joints or some other material?

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.