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RE: High Strength Concrete

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I would contact the people at CTL (second cousin to PCA)

There is currently an effort to develop the new "rules" for the design and
specification of high strength concrete structures.  One of the leaders is
CTL.  They are working with SOM on the 7 South Dearborn project.  

The bench mark for what is considered high strength concrete is moving.
Generally high strength concrete is over 6000 psi for regular concrete and
over 4000 for light weight according to Handbook of Concrete Engineering.
Strengths of 20,000 psi are becoming more common, and there are laboratory
mixes that have gone much higher.

Following are the people regarded as high strength concrete experts:
		Ron Burg rburg(--nospam--at) 
		Steve Gebler rkohn(--nospam--at) 
		Gene Corley ischmidt(--nospam--at)
		John Roller jroller(--nospam--at)

You might also want to reference: High-Performance High-Strength Concrete:
Design Recommendations, by B. Vijaya Rangan, November 1, 1998.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	High Strength Concrete
> Does anybody know where I can find the technical specifications for high
> strength concrete?. i.e. applicable formulas for flexure and shear. If
> someone could e-mail me some gidelines , I would be more than grateful.
> Are there any sites other than ACI and PCI? 
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Allan Yango