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RE: Pouring Long Walls

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I let them pour whatever length of wall they can in a day.  Joints for a
given crack width are another issue.  Look at ACI 350R-89 Figure 2.5 for
various ratios of horizontal rebar and joint spacings.  This chart was based
on about a 0.010" maximum crack.  If a larger crack is acceptable, adjust
the reinforcing accordingly.

A joint that I have grown to love is attached as a bit map.


If it has to be water proof use a flush mount Greenstreak water stop or L
bars and a dumb bell water stop.

Harold Sprague

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> Roger:
> My fax number is (920) 437-1131. Thanks for your offer!
> What is the maximum wall pour length that you allow? Do you require
> intermediate control joints? If so at what spacing?
> Thanks again!
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