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Re: Rebar in members resisting earthquake force

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Because your building is a dual system, I am guessing that you analysis shows
that the shear walls tend to resist most of the seismic forces in the lower
stories, and the moment frames resist more in the upper stories.  For your
situation, I think that it would be important to determine whether the shear
walls at the story in question (the bottom story) are controlled by bending or
whether they are controlled in shear.  If they are controlled by shear, then the
ductility of the moment frame would become very important at that story, and it
would be very important to provide columns that are stronger than the beams.  If
they are controlled by bending, then the total inelastic story drift at the
lowest story wwould be relatively small, and the presence or absence of the
strong-column provisions at that story would be much less important, although it
would still be important in higher stories.