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RE: Wind Load on Buildings

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A Canadian point of view.
Most of my design work involves heavy industrial facilities such as pulp &
paper mills and power plants.

In steel frame buildings that have an open core, such as boiler buildings,
the exterior pressure on the side walls is important.  In these type of
buildings, the horizontal bracing usually surrounds the central core.  The
exterior side wall pressures when combined with the pressures from the
windward and leeward walls, plus internal pressures ( both positive and
negative) make for some interesting design forces.  It becomes more fun when
the wind is assumed to hit the building at angles other than square to the
building's main axes.

Also, it is my experience that the design of the wall cladding (siding)
system is often dictated by the side wall pressures.

Harry Olive, P.Eng., P.E.
Neill and Gunter 

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