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RE: Shear Flow

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Gladly (or at least the best I can). The reason I deferred to an expert was
because, well, he's an expert and I'm not. I have used Bob Powell as a
consultant on a couple of repair projects. Suffice it to say that the load
is not distributed in the proportion the design engineer would like it to
distribute for reasons such as modelling techniques, oversized holes, etc.
plus reasons that can better be explained by the experts. In other words,
the steel reinforcement does not do the work it was hired to do. Hopefully,
when/if the designer with the problem, Gina Gobo I believe, hires Bob Powell
(or someone like him), she can report back to the list what Bob Powell's
impressions and recommendations were. BTW, there ARE ways to effectively
reinforce GLBs but again, I recommend that Bob Powell is hired as a
consultant to design the fix for you. BTDT.

FWIW, the knowledge Bob Powell possesses with regards to timber repair is
equalled only by a handful of folks in the US and the numbers are
diminishing. It's a dying art.


Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||Since you brought this up that composite beams or adding
||steel plates to the sides of Glu-lams is ineffective fix can
||someone explain why instead of flooding the expert with questions.
||Also the difference in properties (modular ratio) of the
||material should be taken into account.
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