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Video of Kingdome Implosion

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Yesterday, my wife and I were eating breakfast at one of our favorite brunch
restaurants and nursing hangovers after celebrating our beloved Wisconsin
Badgers amazing return to the NCAA Final Four after a 59 year absence.
Eventually, we noticed that everyone around us was intently watching the TV
in the corner.  Normally on Sunday mornings, this TV features the
not-so-exiting Fish Channel (an aquarium).  This time, it was the final five
minute countdown for the implosion of the Kingdome.  Perhaps with Ken
Griffey Jr. and Joey Galloway having left Seattle, they just didn't need it
anymore.  In any case, the implosion was quite a show!  You can see multiple
replays in a three minute narrated video at the following link:

"AT 8:31 A.M. PT, 5,800 separate gelatin dynamite charges sunk in holes in
the Kingdome's roof and its support columns were detonated in quick
succession, buckling the roof of the 68 million-cubic-foot structure and
then collapsing the walls inward.  Thousands of spectators cheered from
office towers and hillsides around the city as a series of blasts crumbled
the massive concrete structure into a mound of rubble and dust.  Millions
more watched on television or on the Internet, in a pioneering 3-D Webcast.
All told, it took less than 20 seconds to reduce the house of football's
Steve Largent and baseball's two Ken Griffeys to rubble..." 

Enjoy the show!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Proud Badger in Dallas, Texas