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RE: Permeability of concrete

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This is a big topic.  Many things influence permeability (curing, cement
fineness, admixtures, aggregate, curing, etc.).  Are you looking at methods
to reduce permeability or for permeability testing?  What permeability are
you looking for?  (water, vapor, air, etc.)

I would suggest a search at PCA and the ACI web sites.  Following are some
documents that should get you started.  There are many proprietary
admixtures that can reduce permeability.  

US Army Corps of Engrs:
CRD-C 163-92 Test Method for Water Permeability of Concrete Using Triaxial
Cell <crd_c163.pdf>

Concrete Manual, US Department of the Interior (Bureau of Reclamation)

Handbook of Concrete Engineering, by Fintel, Section  6.10.

>From ACI:
	ACI 201.2R-92: Guide to Durable Concrete
	ACI 362.1R-97: Guide for the Design of Durable Parking Structures
	ACI C-24: Durable Concrete
	ACI Committee 552, Designing Specifying and Construction for Durable
	ACI SP-108: Permeability of Concrete

>From PCA:
	Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
	SP040 Fly Ash in Cement and Concrete
	LT175 Condition Evaluation of Concrete Bridges Relative to
Reinforcement Corrosion, Vol. 7: Method for Field Measurement of Concrete
Permeability <.//pcasortsec.cgi?codeNumber=LT175>
	RX068 Porosity of Hardened Portland Cement Pastes
	RX073 Hardened Concrete Pore Structure
	RX053 Permeability of Portland Cement Pastes

Harold Sprague

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> Could any one let me know reference material or
> information on  permeability of concrete ?
> Thanks in advance 
> Nat