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Re: Factory Mutual Span

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> span for the FMS span.  The footnote tells me this is for  class 1
> construction.  It refers to FMRC Approval Guide.
> Can anybody elaborate of what this means?

Factory Mutual is a building insurance company that has its own set of
"building code" requirements for buildings that it plans to insure.  These
may, in some cases, be more conservative than the building code in force for
the structure.  If you know that Factory Mutual will be used, it is probably
worth doing a little extra research to verify that your building meets their
requirements.  A friend of mine was involved a number of years ago in a
project where F.M. presented the E.O.R. with a list of their requirements
*after* the building was designed and construction had begun.  Several items
clearly met building code, but did not quite meet their standards.  Changes
were out of the question at that point, and I never heard how it was
resolved.  In any case, it would have been much easier if everything had been
laid out at the start.

Paul Crocker