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RE: Glass Block Walls

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I would not count on the glass block for any shear value, as it is too
brittle.  Glass block , to my knowledge, is not intended to be a
structural load resisting system.  It can only take minimal
perpendicular wind loads (which are resisted by the mortar and joint
reinforcing, and then the steel mullions) and its own self weight (and
self weight capacity is limited too).  

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E.
Martin-Espenlaub Engineering

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Subject: Glass Block Walls

Can anyone make any recommendations, or know of any documentation,
the shear capacity of glass block walls? I am evaluating an existing
building with a wood diaphragm supported by a wood shear wall on one
and a glass block wall on the other side. The glass bock wall has
wire reinforcement web at 24" o.c. and 5"X3" steel mullions vertical at
5'-4" o.c.

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