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RE: Wood Connection Question

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Try the AFPA website: <> 

 They have Technical Report 12 : "General Dowel Equations for Calculating
Lateral Connection Values" online in PDF format (24 pages).  It describes
the various equations upon which the NDS connection design is based.

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland  CA

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	Subject:	Wood Connection Question

	Dear Fellow Alpha/Beta Testers:

	Can anyone provide a reference for the "European Yield Model" on
which bolt 
	and nail connection requirements are supposedly based?  I can find
nary a 
	reference in the NDS or the Timber Construction Manual.  While the
TCM cites 
	references to tests of connections by Thayer and others (in the
	there is no citation of tests of the "European Yield Model."

	A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
	Tucson, Arizona